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From 1860 to 2020


One Ferry Street began life in 1860 as a textile mill and now in 2020 a new city hub is born. The One Ferry Street campus will consist of six buildings covering 6 1/2 acres. Designed from the ground up by the architectural firm of Siegfried Porth Architects, the campus combines gorgeous condominiums, well-appointed luxury apartments, a building-top restaurant, and various retail, micro retail and commercial spaces. Just steps from the Manhan Rail Trail, One Ferry offers outside seating areas, a fitness center, a car detailing center, car charging stations, and even a dog washing station. The historic cupola has been preserved and will become a centerpiece of the campus.

Join the changing landscape. Stake out your unique space to work, live or play.

The Future

Is Here

Between now and 2029, One Ferry Street’s once derelict buildings will be transformed into distinctive buildings unlike anything else the area has to offer. A jewel in the heart of The Pioneer Valley just waiting for you.

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